Places are pasts that others are not allowed to read, accumulated times that can be unfolded like stories held in reserve...
Michel de Certeau

It has often been said that tourism is the modern realization of a human urge to be elsewhere. But how does this urge mutate when the elsewhere becomes the right here, or vice versa? The more closely we look at the right here, the more we might see the elsewhere within it.

This isn’t an appeal to that popular artistic employment of seeing things anew—finding the strange in the everyday. We mean this quite literally.

Places may be distinct spatial categories in our minds, but they are far from materially exclusive—their boundaries form overlapping volumes that share varying amounts of matter and history.

The site features a series of guide books and tours designed for the exploration of this shared matter.

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A guide book featuring 3 audio tours produced by Sarah Kanouse, Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, Ryan Griffis, Lize Mogel & Sarah Ross.
Available as a paper/CD book and as a free download.

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