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Lofoten Emergency Tourist Kit

View of Lofoten

The Emergency Tourist Kit is designed to serve tourists and "locals" in the symbolic and cultural climate of Lofoten.
Major conflicts surround the intersection of Lofoten's natural and political environment, most visible in the ongoing struggles with oil production decisions, fishing policy and the official response to ecological changes like the expansion of introduced King Crabs.
The Travel Office has channeled these concerns through the concept of "invasive species." The broad definitions that categorize certain organisms as "native" or "alien" are also used to determine whether something, or someone, is a problem or a solution.
Are tourists an "invasive species?" What about the oil rigs dotting the seascape? What are the borders of natural ecosystems, and are they impervious to time?

A suggested recipe for curried king crab salad (From "The Art of German Cooking" Cookbook.)

This makes 6 individual salads. Serve on lettuce leaves.

473 ml lump crabmeat
237 ml cooked rice
10 ml curry powder
177 ml mayonnaise
59 ml sour cream
2 hard-boiled eggs
887 ml fresh lemon juice
1 ml salt
15 ml minced chives

1. Toss crab and rice together.
2. Add curry powder to mayonnaise and sour cream.
3. Blend well.
4. Stir into crab mixture.
5. Sprinkle chopped eggs with lemon juice, salt and chives.
6. Add to crab mixture.
7. Serve on lettuce leaves.