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Wilson Armstrong Memorial to the Timucuan Rebellion of 1656

At stake was the position of aboriginal leaders within the political structure of colonial Spanish Florida...

John Worth, Florida Museum of Natural History, from his paper “Timucua and the Colonial System in Florida: The Rebellion of 1656,” 1992.

His entry into the race will do much harm, not only to the Negro in Jacksonville, but in the state at large.

George Marshall, former Chairman of the Jacksonville Democratic Commmitee, speaking about Wilson Armstrong’s 1947 candidacy for Jacksonville City Council’s Fifth Ward

The Travel Office's proposed Wilson Armstrong Memorial to the Timucuan Rebellion of 1656, would confer historical status on the present day Julius Guinyard Park Pool, which would remain in use and functioning.

The memorial would recognize two distinct political events -- the failed city council campaign by Wilson Armtrong in 1947 and the failed Timucuan Rebellion of 1656. Below are images of the wayside signs proposed for the site.

Timucuan Rebellion Wayside Sign 1
Wilson Armstrong Memorial Wayside Sign