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1964 Civil & Climatological Unrest Learning Center

The CCULC will serve as an experimental educational center for residents of Jacksonville and its many visitors, focusing on the historical climatological and social events of 1964.

Housed in an enlarged and bouyant recreation of the house of Iona and Donal Godfrey, bombed on February 16, 1964 by those seeking to make a violent statement against school integration. Their home was targeted due to their son's role as one of the first black students to desegregate a local elementary school.

The CCULC building will be suspended over Altell Stadium (once the historic Gator Bowl), and will feature educational displays and archives of materials related to Florida's role in the Civil Rights/Black Liberation Movement of the early 1960s.

It will also house archives about climatolgical events of 1964, such as Hurricane Dora, which struck Jacksonville on September 9-10, 1964 causing severe damage.

A new city-wide alarm system for the city, to alert residents of potential climate and social events, will be created and made audible from the CCULC. This alarm system will be based on the Beatles 1964 #1 hit Can't Buy Me Love, in recognition of the Beatles' concert that took place on September 11, 1964 in front of a racially integrated audience, despite the extensive damage from Hurrican Dora and the reluctance of the city to allow blacks and whites to mingle.

Sketch for the CCULC